Ultrasound Guided Femoral Nerve Block

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  • Andrew Shannon

    Hey guys– great video. It’s cute when the guy sticking large needles into you is nervous because of stage fright! 😉

    But seriously, if you had trouble w/ the link it’s here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ht_N8j2KL8 or just youtube femoral nerve ultrasound block and love it. There is also a pdf file on the “Teaching” section of the ED Sonography drive at JMC w/ tips/tricks for this, among other, blocks.

    Again on a theme, the “in-plane” approach lets you SEE YOUR NEEDLE TIP at all times so you know you’re not going too deep. The most common problem here is not getting under that fascia iliaca to surround the fem. n. and getting a poor block (right, Taiwo? 🙂

    _Always_ remember to use sterile technique, advise your consults you would like to do the block and do so with their blessing (as a courtesy), and LET THE PATIENT KNOW that their leg is blocked and they should not attempt walking on it until the block is ended (~ 2-5 hrs for lido 2% + epi for anesthesia, ~ 3-8 hrs analgesia). Luckily, we’re mostly doing these for hip fractures anyway. More on US-guided blocks in the works! –aws

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