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I’ve noticed there’s a fair amount of anxiety when it comes to the slit-lamp exam. There shouldn’t be! Attached or linked are some resources on the eye exam, including a website from U of Michigan for general info,

and a great video on the SLE specifically″>

Certainly it may seem faster to just fluroscein and Woods Lamp a patient, but if they can walk and sit it’s a much more thorough exam to take them to Fast Track for the slit-lamp. You won’t get any better at it unless you practice! Please feel free to post, email or find me with any questions.

Dr Shannon

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  • Andy Yoon

    Slit lamp is the way to go for gauging anterior chamber depth, cell & flare, etc. Is slit lamp necessary if we just want to rule out corneal abrasion? Is slit lamp that much more sensitive than fluroscein/wood’s lamp?

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