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Jacobi/Montefiore ED Resident of the Block


A little something to talk about during signout.


You may know that Brian Gilberti is generally awesome, but do you know the specifics?


Here are a couple of things Brian’s been up to:


He started EM Rounds with more awesome Jacobi/Montefiore residents to showcase the remarkable cases that have come through our doors and the insightful discussions we have about them. We all know how awesome the learning can be at Jacobi, and Brian is showing all the talent gathering in our conferences. EM Rounds helps broadcast what it’s like to be at Jacobi, so all your friends can know how awesome you from the awesome work of Brian.


As an intern, he created the website. which takes the schedules of all the residents from our eval taskmaster to tell you who you can be awesome with outside of the hospital. Now you know who to ask to go out with.

He is not satisfied with only two awesome web resources though.  As an Assistant Editor at he enjoys dropping EM knowledge from this website to our brains. He helps its mission to provide quality FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation) content. He uses it as a digestible reference resource for post-shift review, and he’s awesome. Maybe you should take a look? You might get some of his awesomeness as a by-product.

If you get bleary-eyed by his awesome web presence, you can take a rest by using the new Sedation Guidelines on which he and JMC attending Vince Nguyen worked. They created a protocol for Acute Agitation in the ED is something we deal with quite a bit at JMC and through their awesomeness they are making our practices safer for both patient and staff.

If you are thinking “How else could his Awesomeness be Awesome?” Bam…Avid chess player, bushcraft enthusiast, urban exploration via razor scooter and … I think he enjoys long walks on the beach and puppies and kittens.

Brian Gilberti, MD PGY2 @User238345 is the Resident of the Block.

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