NEJM: Ultrasound Guided IJ Placement

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  • Andrew Shannon

    Hi all– posted here is a link to the NEJM “Videos in Clinical Medicine” series installment on US-guided IJ’s. All these videos are available from NEJM’s website through your AECOM Library access.
    Definitely take a look and ask any of your Attendings if you have questions. Ask me about the “oblique” approach, and the “inch-worm” vs. the “Pythagoras” techniques, and the “WIN” maneuver… (mystery! intrigue!).
    In all of procedural US, the most important concept is DO NOT ADVANCE YOUR NEEDLE IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE TIP! Knowing your limits, and where your tip is, is good advice in all of medicine. In life, come to think of it… Happy puncturing. — AwS

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