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A little something to talk about during signout.


You may know that Calvin Sun is generally awesome, but do you know the specifics?


When he leaves the ED, he really leaves. The Monsoon Diaries is his travel blog-turned-accidental travel company! Started during medical school to inspire others to travel, Calvin showed us all you can never be too awesome, even on a tight budget and tight schedule. Now his awesomeness is catching on…4 years, 100 countries, hundreds of people later. Teaching others what can be done, he educates himself on the intersectionality and globalizations of all things. He’s working to understand how his travels, training, and background can influence his sense of cultural competency and activism for social justice causes. As longtime leader of ECAASU (The East Coast Asian American Student Union, the oldest and largest Asian American organization in the country), Calvin travels the country to speak on a variety of topics including intersectionality, coalition building, social justice, sex and sexuality, mental health, body image/beauty standards, and travel.  My favorite travel story? When he Monsooned in a blizzard to get to Jacobi. Ask him.


Just google him. He’s apparently been awesome for some time, check out some of the places he’s been featured, HuffPo, CNN, USAToday, MSNBC, and NatGeo – natch. Did we forget to mention his TED talk? Awesome.


Anyway, if you were wondering where all the need to keep moving started, keep reading. It probably related to his dance awesomeness. According to Calvin, “Dancing is like breathing for me, so I go to the dance studio in my neighborhood at least once a week to choreograph, or at least check off a week’s worth of cardio.” You could see him discussing music and dance for MTV where he used to be featured. He was also in the movie about demons and death – Cold Pupil – and of course like all actors, he really wanted to direct. Documentary awesomeness, check. Film Short. Check. What he should do is start a film festival…oh wait he did that too. Maybe he’ll play Ryu in the Street Fighter Origin storycalvinsun-ryu next.


There’s undoubtedly more to come from this past, present, and future rockstar.


Calvin Sun, MD PGY2 @csohosun is the Resident of the Block.


Who’s next?


send nominations with reasons to jacobi.em.chiefs@gmail.com


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