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Jacobi/Montefiore ED Resident of the Block


A little something to talk about during signout.


You may know that Aly McEwan is generally awesome, but do you know the specifics?

AlyMcEwanWell, she just finished writing a chapter on Palliative Care in the ED for Clinics of EM with Dr. Silverberg. So when you need to know just how to start that sticky conversation, know that the ED is great place to have it and Aly is a great resource.

She also recently got back from a 9 day medical/surgical mission trip to Haiti. Her team stayed in a small town and consisted surgical attending, 2 other residents, 2 nurses and an OR tech. I saw a lot of patients in clinic and I assisted on a bunch of surgeries. But wait, there’s more, this was a follow up to a trip last year where she worked “A TON of level 1 trauma…and I pretty much ran all of it, considering that I was pretty much the only one with any trauma experience. Intubations, chest tubes, etc etc. It was crazy. It proved to me that our training at Jacobi is incredible and really does leave you ready for anything.”

You may have also seen her working with Dr. Birnbaum and her team on improving the patient experience recently. {sarcasm}What could be in need of improving?{/sarcasm}.

She’s doing even more, but it’s super hush hush secret spy stuff. So you’ll have to ask her about it and thank her for making our world a better place.


Alyssia McEwan, DO, PGY3 @AlyMc_EM is the Resident of the Block.

Who’s next?

send nominations with reasons to jacobi.em.chiefs@gmail.com


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