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The Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine Program incorporates simulation education into its curriculum.  Located in the backyard of Jacobi’s Emergency Room, the Institute of Medical Simulation and Advanced Learning (iMSAL) is a newly designed simulation center focusing on improving patient care and safety through adult education.  It specializes in teamwork and clinical skills training across all departments.  Dr. Michael Meguerdichian, an Attending in the Jacobi Emergency Department, is adjunct faculty at iMSAL working to design and deliver curricula to residents, attendings and nurses.

The center currently offers the following focused courses:

  • Advanced Airway Skills
  • Pediatric Airway Skills
  • Basic Airway Skills
  • Cardiac Code Team Course
  • Pediatric Code Team Course
  • Shoulder Dystocia Skills Course
  • Central Line Skills Course
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage Course

Simulation is an exciting adjunct to the robust clinical experience had at the residency program allowing residents to practice their skills in a safe and collaborative environment.  Attendings at Jacobi and Montefiore work together to create simulation experiences specific to Emergency Medicine in order to refine resident clinical performance.  Further, residents interested in academic careers have the opportunity to delve into adult education and its application through simulation through the Educational Block during their 4th year.